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May 17, 2008

Reflect back during study week

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Study week…. I think study week is the most free week for me… no assignment, lab report anymore. But I still have technology assignment (multimedia show). These assignment need to pass up by the exam times. Firstly, I just go to search the picture, audio and video that I want to put in my mms, then go to take some picture around UKM. But I haven’t touch at all for assignment.  I start to look back my physics tutorial questions. 

During the study week, I slept a lot and always go online.  Now, I very regret about my behavior. Why I don’t want to study during that time???!!!

Back to the mms show, I start to do three day before the exam and it take me three day time to finish it. But I still not satisfy of my mms.  I want to change and edit it again, but I have no time already.  It gives me a lesson that we need to work early rather then doing work in last minutes. Last minutes work is really bad.  Anywhere, I hope that I can change my last minutes work attitude too.         


Team teaching reflection

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When I reflected back my team teaching of CCTS, I was not satisfaction on it. Maybe I think that was not enough preparation.  Besides, my speaking was too fast and also did not consider audients as my course mate and my lecturer told me. I sure like very rush of time.  I known that was a bad and wrong attitude. I feel very sorry to my group members because I don’t know my attitude (speaking too fast) whether affected the marks or not.

Actually, I knew that I always speaking and talk very fast even thought with my friends. My friends also always complain that I talk too fast until they can not catch what I talking about sometimes. But, I, myself also don’t know why it was so. I had tried to change the bad attitude by speak slowly but it only work for few minutes. Actually not I want to talk faster, but when I talk, I can not control the speed.  But I will try my best to change the attitude, and so I believe that I will success full one a day.  Gambateh!!!

March 5, 2008

Meeting of Intelligent Minds and Be Part of the Entrepreneurial Experience!!!

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Hey everyone !

We are from AIESEC Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
and we are organising an event called
EYLN 2008
( Entrepreneurship & Youth – A Learning Network )EYLN 2008 consists of the
Entrepreneurship in Youth Competition
Entrepreneurship Conference
Entrepreneurship in Youth Competition

It provides an avenue for YOU to voice out YOUR hidden visions and ideas.

You can join the competition in a team of 3 to 5 persons and come up with a creative and innovative business idea. After that, you have the chance to attend the 3-day Entrepreneurship Conference and submit your business plan on the first day of the Conference. You also have the opportunity to present your ideas in front of a panel of judges and finalists will proceed to the final round presentation on the last day of the conference in front of another panel of judges. Besides being able to grab a cash prize of up to RM 5000, you will also be given a chance to improve more in terms of business ideas, presentation skills, marketing skills, financial planning skills and also be able to seek professional opinions by meeting corporate individuals and exposure to international learning environment.

Above and beyond, we also encourage you to take an initiative to incorporate social issue solving in your business idea to win the 

Best Social Business Plan Award.

CASH !!!

VENUE : Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi.
DATE : 14, 15 and 16 March 2008
 We will be having international facilitators, experienced and well-known speakers from
prestigious companies such as GE, MISC Berhad, Money Tree, DIGI Telecommunications, NuffNang, and so forth. So what are you waiting for?
Start registering NOW.For more information and updates, visit
ME at




March 2, 2008


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The learning process years by year pass thought in my life, I relieve that I am a loner learner. I enjoy learning all myself. It is difficult for me to learn with other because I can’t concentrate and I’m not really following my friend’s step of learning.

So, if I blog, I have a enough time to learn by myself and after that I can post a question to blog, other people or my friends can post a common to answer my questions. Therefore, I can get a lot of different view of the answers and solution. This actually invited me to think. Looking thought all the answers and solution, I start to think, to make judgment, to try it out and evaluate them. This actually helps a lot in my dominant learning style.

For example in this week, I have to set up a blog which is one of my assignments. During I set up the blog by myself, I have face some problem in setting. At firstly, I try to fix the problem by myself, but I fail to do it. So I post a common to lecturer and my friend’s blog to have a technical consultant online. After I get the reply from them, I start try to fix it myself. The thinking and learning process is occurring at that time. Finally, i successes to fix the problem. Blogging have helped me to solve my problem by myself.

When I start to blog, I plan to write and post something to express my feeling and view of point to share with other. Moreover, I can post some articles which I think is meaningful and useful in academic to share with my friends too. By blogging, I think I’m learning how to think and also learn to make my thinking visible. Both of them are a very importance area of learning.

Seen blogging is very helpful in my dominant learning style, I wished to be continuous on doing it. I also hoping that blogging will bring me an amazing learning in my life the rest of the day.

February 28, 2008

Great Experience !!!

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This is a first time i have my own blog in mylife. At past, i always go to read other people blog. Now, i finally having my own one. Really is a amazing experience. Feel very great  now!!!

Please feel free to drop by your common here friends…

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